Twenty Four Outdoor Theater

I didnít know about this one until I had talked to a friend of mine who lives in the Milwaukee area. It closed somewhere in the mid 1990ís because I found the phone number and address for it in an old Milwaukee yellow pages that I just happen to have lying around.

Thereís very little left. Only the entrance road, foundations of the ticket booths, and a few weathered signs remain. The Twenty Four Outdoor was located at 13150 W. Janesville Road near Muskego. The road it is on used to be Hwy 24, but had been renamed to County J. The property is currently up for sale, with new housing developments moving into the area. The entrance road appears in the Wisconsin Atlas & Gazetteer. The Twenty Four Outdoor Theater originally had two screens.


The back of the main screen at the 24 Outdoor


The marquis from some time in the mid 1990's.

(Thanks to Eric Jensen for the photo)

Entrance Road


Ticket Booths


Empty Parking Lot


Part of the screen?


An ad from August of 1968


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